Preet Kalra

Your Optician & Stylist

"Follow Your Passion and Success Will Follow You"  Well, my perspective is a little different…


"Follow Your Passion or Passion Will Follow You"

I faked my first eye exam,  just to get eyeglasses. (My Passion)

I never applied for my first job. The universe knew how much I loved glasses. (Passion Followed Me)

Nope, I wasn’t born with an Optical background.


I own 50+ Sunglasses and 25+ Eyeglasses. Trust me, it's still not enough and will never be enough. Simply put, I LOVE EYEWEAR! I believe eyewear is a form of art that frames our eyes. If styled carefully, it can help one make a great fashion statement. My keen eye for fashion and my ability to connect with people helps them get comfortable to trust me with their eyewear selection. I am passionate about discovering unique artistic eyewear brands. Therefore, will be shining a light on the art of Independent Luxury Eyewear and showcasing unique artistic eyepieces created by hard-working designers all around the world. I'm always on a treasure hunt for all things eyes and eyewear.

Other than my epic love for Eyewear,  I also enjoy styling outfits and continually stay on top of every new and upcoming trend. I hold a make-up artist certificate. I love creating logos, banners, and websites. I'm a Vegetarian. Venice is my favorite place on Earth, I would live there, but I can't swim. I've drowned four times. I love Wine, Red or White; I go both ways. I conveniently use my husband's last name, but I won't officially change it. The stock market is my latest and biggest obsession... Investing is my new kind of retail therapy. I love buying and turns out stocks are so much fun to buy.

"Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing." -Warren Buffet

Invest in your personality, it matters! While you're at it, add a touch of anything eye or eyewear. -Preet


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