5 Fun Facts About Sunglasses!

I cannot decide whether I’m a lazy blogger or a busy blogger or maybe I am both lazy & an active blogger. Trying to take photos and blog in between full-time job, hubby time, family and friends time, me time. Oh yes, Me Time! I love “Me time”... I am my favorite person, and I love spending time with myself. Is that wrong? I don’t think so! I love talking to myself, love motivating myself and I hardly ever argue with myself. I strongly suggest taking out your “me time” for yourself.

I look up to and salute all those who are obligated to their responsibilities as well as take out their time for blogs. Blogging is tough work. I blog as a hobby; therefore, I try not to be hard on myself for my inconsistency. (Believe it or not, I am writing all this in my car and on my phone while I wait for someone.)

As we know, I love talking Eyewear! If you don’t, it’s just that you haven’t spent a minute with me yet. I can speak, eat, breathe Eyewear 24.7! Well, maybe not "eat," but you get the point. During my me time, I am not just thinking about Eyewear; I also like to revisit experiences and memories that life has taken me through. I care about human behavior, feelings, life lessons, what we do or say and how it impacts others. Therefore, I have decided to combine this post with my favorite topic Eyewear and leave you guys with a thought to ponder on.

Let’s get to it!

Five fun facts about Sunglasses:

1. Your lenses do not have to be the darkest to help achieve the best sun protection. The dark lenses will help prevent the bright light from going into your eyes. You can apply UV coating on clear lenses and be more protected with that vs. dark tinted lenses without UV Protection. UV protection on clear lenses costs typically between $45-75

2. Your polarized sunglasses have sufficient amount of UV protection, but the purpose of the polarized lens is not to protect you from UV light. Polarized lenses help provide better image quality by reducing the extra glare.

3. Sunglasses are not meant to be worn in Summers only. Sunglasses are for every season. Matter of fact, our eyes need more protection from the clouds covered with UV light in winter than the clear skies in the summer. Have you noticed, your transition lenses get super dark on a snowy day? That’s because your transition lenses get activated by the UV Light and light bouncing off of snow light is extra harmful.

4. Sunglasses help prevent the sun damage to your eyes.Sun exposure leads to macular degeneration, cataracts, eye or eyelids cancer. (No brainer!)

5. Invest in a quality pair of sunglasses for your kids, even if they do not need a prescription. Kids need more sun protection than adults as they’re mostly outside on a playground. Add Polycarbonate for extra protection and speak to your Optician about Trivex as well! (I'll do a separate post on Polycarbonate vs. Trivex)

Photo Details

Sunglasses: Theirry Lasry

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Earrings: H&M

Blazer: H&M

Top: Lush from Nordstrom

Black Jeans: Topshop

Thought to Ponder on...

Choose your words wisely. The person who hears it, will remember what you said and how you made them feel.

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