Makeup is an art that most girls put their effort and time in on a daily basis. It’s true that makeup adds a touch of confidence, it’s like wearing a push-up bra for the face. Eyeglasses are cherries on top that add an extra dimension to your personality. I like to think of eyewear as a sexy outfit for the face. This article is for my ladies and even gents who love makeup as well as their eyewear. Before we continue, let’s repeat!

As an optician and an occasional makeup artist, I’m often reached out by girls with the dilemma of their eyewear rubbing off their makeup. Because of this reason girls wear their eyewear without using any makeup or vice versa. Those who choose makeup as their primary preference and opt for contact lenses instead of wearing glasses, still get nervous to wear their sunglasses. I'm here to assure you that you can wear both makeup and your favorite eyewear using just the three easily accessible makeup products. I hope after reading this, you encourage both your makeup and eyewear to become BFFs.

Let’s get started:

Mattifying Primer- Good base for your foundation is a great way to start.  Not just it mattifies your face, it also helps keep your foundation in place. If you prefer not use the primer all over the face, then use it at least around the nose bridge area before applying the foundation. My favorite face primers are:

Eyeshadow Primer- As we all know, the eyeshadow primer helps prevent your eyeshadow from creasing. The same principle applies here for the foundation around the nose bridge area. You have two options here.

Option 1- You can choose to opt out of the mattifying primer and use the eyeshadow primer instead as a base for your foundation.

Option 2- You can follow Step 1 and apply eyeshadow primer on top of the foundation because your step 3 layer is powder based. On the left, are my favorites!

Translucent Powder- The holy grail for keeping your glasses and makeup in place. Apply it on top of the foundation primarily around your nose bridge area, but it can be used on the full face as well. I have tried many and always went back to a specific one. That is the one and only Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder! Oh, and it works on all skin tones.

I hope these tips and products help keep your glasses from sliding down your nose as well prevent your makeup from rubbing off. As always, I would love to get all the feedback.

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